Monday, 23 January 2017

My Current Holy Grail Skincare Saviours

My skin has been in full blown meltdown mode recently and I think it's been the combination of being ill plus the excessive amount of chocolate and fizzy drinks I consumed over the festive period that's left my skin incredibly angry with me. I've never had perfect skin, I suffered from acne as a teen and whilst my skins a lot clearer now, I still do have to battle the occasional breakout. My skins always been sensitive towards certain foods (especially dairy *sobs*) so as well as getting back into eating healthier and drinking plenty of water I've also been relying on some of my favourite blemish busting products to bring my skin back to life.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A Little Life Update

Well hello there... it's been a while! I can't believe we're now already 18 days into the new year and I'm only just getting round to sharing my first blog post of 2017. Whilst I wanted it to be a more interesting makeup related post to start the year with it just wasn't happening. I explained a little bit about my social media absence over on Instagram a few days ago but I thought it was about time I got a blog post up about what's been going on. I'd actually planned on making 2017 a great blogging year for me but I think I've ended up jinxing myself!
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