Hello! I'm Samm, the girl behind SColvinBeauty. 

Welcome to my blog, aka the place I talk about the obsessive amount of makeup I buy. I'm a pink haired 21 year old makeup artist and beauty blogger from Kent in the UK. I'm a lover of makeup (obvs!), glitter, coffee, handbags, traveling, salted caramel, Niall Horan, flamingos, striped tops, binge watching tv shows, aeroplanes and all things pink or fluffy. If I'm not busy rambling on about makeup on my blog then I'm painting faces, shopping, napping or eating my body weight in all things sweet - so glam!

SColvinBeauty has been my little corner of the internet since early 2012. I started it as a place for me to share my thoughts and opinions on beauty products after spending years watching YouTube videos and reading other blogs. When I started this blog, I began by reviewing beauty products and sharing my latest purchases with even the odd lifestyle post thrown into the mix. Overtime my love for blogging has grown more and more and I honestly couldn't imagine my life without it. Through blogging I've made some great friends and had the opportunities to work with some amazing brands (cliché, I know).

Besides makeup, I do also occasionally share posts on my life with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a condition I got diagnosed with back when I was about 12. It does play a big part of my everyday life and as annoying as it is (you have no idea how much I wish I lived a 'normal' life!) I do like to talk about it to raise awareness as well as sharing my experiences with other people suffering the same or a similar illness. I've got a post here back from 2015 were I talk a bit more about it if you fancy a little read!

So welcome to the world of SColvinBeauty - grab a cuppa, relax and I hope you enjoy my posts!


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